E-Poster Submission Guidelines

E-posters are the electronic version of traditional, printed posters, except that they are viewable on screen. The presentation of the accepted posters is compulsory. After the session, there will be a screen in an especially laid-out part of the conference venue for a presentation to interested delegates, the duration of which should not exceed 10 minutes.

All accepted E-posters Presentations will be named in the proceedings of the Conference.

Your E-poster should be submitted here following the technical specifications below:

  • File Type: “.ppt” or “.pptx“ format and “.pdf”
  • One page
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Size 28.575 cm width X 50.8 cm height (1080 X 1920 pixels)
  • Images in the file should be “.jpg” or “.png” format at 72 dpi resolution
  • Font size: > 14 pt
  • For each paper one can use the colors, font and background that one prefers. Please take caution: one must use a visible color combination